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So what are HydroBlox?

HydroBlox is a French drain alternative that are easy to install, does not clog, and requires little to no maintenance.  HydroBlox will move water from where you don't want it to where you do!

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How Does it Work?

HydroBlox planks are installed in a wet area and continued on to a dry area. The water moves from plank to plank by water pressure.  As one plank fills up with water, it is pushed to the next plank by water pressure.  This allows you to install HydroBlox in a level area.  No need for any downward installation.  Water also follows the path of least resistance.  The planks offer that path.  The pattern which makes up HydroBlox planks provides small spaces inside the board for the water to pass through.


HydroBlox aren't just for yard purposes, they are used in a variety of ways from commercial to residential. Whether installed under a baseball field, playground or golf course fairway, HydroBlox can improve drainage efficiency and performance of natural grass or artificial turf.

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