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Storm Water System

Control stormwater and keep in compliance with Federal Stormwater regulations.

Storm water retention box can be connected to down spouts or HydroBlox and can hold up to 60 gallons of water that will dissipate over time.


The management of stormwater runoff is a global challenge. Rain water landing on roof tops, yards, driveways, industrial sites, roads, etc., ends up in storm drains that ultimately drain into our streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. Sediment and harmful substances carried by stormwater runoff are damaging our environments and ecosystems. It’s a huge issue and challenge. Across the U.S. municipalities are increasingly enforcing NPDES, MS4 guidelines.


  • Dimensions: 2” thick, 9" wide, 7.5' long

  • Weight: 130 lbs. (approx.)

  • Support 102.41 tons/sq. ft. of compression

  • Drainage capacity of more than 0.810 gal/sq. ft. /sec.

  • Environmentally friendly, made of 100% recycled materials

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