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Step 1

Layout of the drainage field is done using the same pattern as with traditional systems.

A simple can of spray paint will easily mark the lines.

Step 2

Dig a trench just wide enough to install the boards. The boards are 2" thick so trench just enough to install the boards. Dig at least 12” deep.


Step 3

Slide the HydroBlox vertically into the trench. Take care to ‘butt’ the planks against each other. By "butting" the planks, the water pressure will move the water from plank to plank. You can overlap or screw together with stainless steel screws.

If needed, HydroBlox can be easily cut using a circular saw.

Step 4

HydroBlox must be backfilled and top filled with GOOD yard soil.

Do NOT backfill with:

- Clay soil
- Gravel (unless using HydroBlox in a gravity fed system)

- Gravelly soil (unless using in a gravity fed system)
- Brick
- Block
- Stones


We will provide installation, if location is within 60 miles of Jackson, MS

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