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At Magnolia Drainage, we take pride in serving our customers, whether it's informing you on our products or installing them for you. Here we have the testimonials of customers that have used HydoBlocks.



"I bought a heat pump for our pool last summer to warm the water so the kids could get more swim time during the year. The heater had a lot of condensation draining by the entrance gate on the side of our house, making a mess.

I called my good friend (and former shortstop) Stan Prewitt to ask about his revolutionary drainage product called HydroBlox.

Magnolia Drainage Solutions are distributors of Hydroblox.

HydroBlox is a french drain alternative that is easy to install, does not clog, and requires little to no maintenance. HydroBlox will move water from where you don't want it to where you do!

Stan drew me a diagram and brought me 3- 40" planks and 2- 7’ 5" planks that he said that would do the job.

Although this product can be used with a trencher, I was in a confined position and decided to dig the trenches with a spade and post hole digger.

It was easy, even for a 67 year old man. My problems are solved. Will turn the heater on next week and we'll be ready for spring break fun!

I highly recommend Stan and Reed Prewitt. Go to and take a look."

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